Aaron Handke

Aaron Handke began his career in private equity and financial  services as a member of Goldman Sachs’ $6.5 billion  infrastructure private equity and banking team. As a generalist  and early team member in the effort, Aaron worked across  multiple industries and was a primary team member in several  multibillion dollar transactions.

Following his time in New York and prior to joining Five Elms,  Aaron assisted with the significant expansion of his family’s  banking franchise, the restructuring of MGP Ingredients (ticker  = MGPI), and partnered with researchers at the MIT Center for  Digital Business to develop a groundbreaking business  intelligence, optimization and management system.

Aaron graduated with a B.A. in Economics from Kansas State  University where he was the State of Kansas Rhodes Scholar finalist and currently serves on the Economics Department Board of Advisors. He received a M.A. in Finance from Brandeis  University’s International Business School.


Aaron lives in Kansas City with his wife Melinda and their 3 children. When not working, Aaron loves to hunt and fish with his kids. He once caught 27 catfish in one day for the family's annual fish fry, a record that still stands today. 

While most people prefer dogs or cats, Aaron grew up with pet raccoons, which is always an interesting conversation starter. 


MA in Finance, Brandeis University

BA in Economics, Kansas State University