Five Elms is the ideal partner for leading B2B software and internet companies

We invest $4-40 million in companies with $2-20 million in revenues. Minority or majority investments, growth capital or liquidity for founders and early investors. 

Ideal partner for founders

We specialize in partnering with founder-owned, bootstrapped businesses, working alongside management to accelerate growth and continue to build industry leading businesses. We take partnerships seriously and will work our tails off to help you succeed, but never take ourselves too seriously. Our relaxed, open, and honest working style is one of the reasons we've been successful in earning our partners' trust and a seat at the table in profitable businesses where additional capital is optional. 

Anti-Valley approach

We don't believe in "unicorn or bust". We don't push companies to grow at all costs or raise mega rounds of capital - that mindset increases founder dilution and reduces the landscape of exit scenarios where everyone wins. We like managers to have both significant equity stakes and significant option value as to what outcomes can be a win. 

B2B Focus

We exclusively invest in B2B software and internet-enabled companies. This specialization has helped us build an unmatched network and domain expertise. Founders can supplement their industry knowledge with our experience in helping accelerate growth, overcoming positive and consistent challenges tied to scale, and de-risking the path to a successful exit for all stakeholders.  

Resources and value-add

Our Firm and Operations Support Team have been purpose-built to optimize key functions in a bootstrapped organization (e.g., sales, marketing, finance, recruiting). Our goal is to provide you the resources and expertise to supplement your already successful organization and to assist in more rapidly achieving organizational goals. 

Culture is crucial

Our best performing companies are obsessed with company culture - it is crucial to their success. We look to build on existing culture and don't meddle in day-to-day operations. 

we hustle

Much like the companies we back, we aren't the incumbent private equity behemoth - we try harder.