Lenny Barshack

Mr Barshack has been both founding and funding several successful internet startups since 1995, where he co-founded the Bigfoot family of companies. Bigfoot pioneered B2C email services, Bigfoot Interactive was a market leader in B2B in direct e-marketing services. NeoPlanet was another visionary product that created a self contained user environment for all email, chat, and browsing. In 2000, Mr Barshack co-founded Tribeca Tables which was the worlds largest provider of a comprehensive white label ePoker solution to the worlds top gaming brands. Tribeca was acquired in 2006. Prior to 1995, Mr. Barshack served 15 years on wall street in various capacities including a derivatives specialists, equity research analyst, and also a programmer. Mr. Barshack resides in Sun Valley, Idaho with his wife Erin.